Business Analysis Services to Support Transformation, Change, and Improvement

Investigating and analysing the current state (as-is), helping to conceptualise the desired / optimised future state (to-be), and supporting the transformation from one to the other…

I am an independent Business Analyst / Business Process Improvement specialist, based in the South West.  Simply put – I take an objective look at your operational systems and administrative processes, and I improve them (‘Look’ to ‘Improve’). I also provide general business analysis services to support transformation, change, and improvement – including for example supporting initiatives such as the Governments ‘Digital by Default’, and Paperless 2020 for the NHS.

I have helped many businesses and organisations to significantly reduce their operating costs, have successfully implemented countless improvements in performance, quality, and compliance, and supported numerous transformation and change projects and programmes.

As shown in the diagram below, my focus is specifically upon analysing and improving operational systems and administrative processes (delivery and enabling functions), and ensuring that these effective and efficient delivery functions are maintained (measurement and monitoring). I firmly believe, and can prove, that these are the foundations of any business or organisation, and the vehicle to achieving significant and sustainable cost savings and improvements.

How do I do it?

Using a combination of significant experience and appropriate business analysis or lean six sigma tools and techniques, I analyse and review your core operational activities and functions; and provide recommendations for improvements which ensure that in future they:

 Deliver your required goals, aims and intentions (more effective)
 Facilitate adherence to relevant rules and regulations (risk reduction / compliance)
 Are optimally cost and time efficient (reduced overheads / increased capacity)
 Deliver and maintain desired standards (high quality)
 Provide useful feedback (control and adaptability)

I will help you to embed efficiency and effectiveness into the foundations of your organisation and enable you to do significantly more, for less!!

I will help to map out the relevant customer journeys and data journeys across your systems and services

I will challenge your current thinking, but I can also support you with the effective implementation of these improvements.

Why not give me a trial on one area of your organisation, and see for yourself what a profoundly positive affect I can have.

I also offer some specific services to larger public sector organisations. Please have a look at the services I can offer to give you a flavour…