Organisational and Service Excellence

Most service sector organisations under perform in a range of critical organisational management competencies and very often don’t ever realise. These include –

  • Setting and achieving (and communicating) their goals and their vision of the future
  • Customer Experience Management
  • System, Process, and Workflow Management (and tooling)
  • Programme, Project, and Change Management
  • Policy Management
  • Quality and Assurance (and other governance)
  • Learning and Improvement
  • Compliance
  • Knowledge, Information, and Intelligence
  • Relationship Management
  • Communication
  • Meetings and Actions

These are important functions, and even minor gaps or issues and ambiguities in these areas directly affects how your organisation performs on all levels, which impacts on your operating costs.

Organisations all follow a very similar model, as shown broadly below, though their services may vary.

Organisations are highly consistent in that they all have goals, contain data, face demands, experience change, manage occasional projects and programmes, have customers, contain systems and processes, are required to comply with legislation, communicate internally and externally, and require knowledge.

Our experience has consistently shown that common yet fundamental organisational management capabilities, which are supposed to contain and manage all of these inter-related components, are rarely, if ever, designed, implemented, delivered, or assured effectively by organisations, and common yet destructive behaviours and practices continue unnoticed.


You may find it difficult to accept that your organisation performs poorly in such a wide range of core functions, and you may feel that you are aware of any current gaps.

However, over the past 15 years, we have been documenting evidence of consistent issues and gaps which fall outside of our conscious awareness, which are rarely on peoples radar’s to address, and which are not generally picked up by common change or improvement methodologies.

There are significant human factors and inter-dependencies to contend with in any business and, generally, we humans have different personalities and perspectives and often our roles are limited to local services rather than a broader picture. In short, without a helpful framework and an understanding of the gaps and their impact, we are limited by our own thoughts and judgements and, with the best will and a large degree of intelligence, we can still miss things.

The great news is that we can assess your capabilities and your subsequent performance quickly and easily with some simple questions. It only takes a few strategic questions and some minor fact checking investigations. Literally a few days effort. The best news is that the solutions to these small but significant issues are simple and inexpensive too.

We start by presenting you with a set of good practices, all of which most people will agree with and common training and best practice frameworks suggest are sensible and logical. Lets call them no-brainers. Then, we demonstrate to you that, despite agreeing that these are sensible and obvious and insisting that your organisation is already doing this, that you are in fact NOT doing much of it properly. We hold the reality mirror up to your perception.

We can also offer relevant yet simple to implement improvement solutions to address the common gaps, and can even stay around to guide you through the process from where you are to the optimised performance your organisation is capable of.

What benefits will we see?

 Significantly improved performance and a much better experience fore your service users and staff
 Improved control and adaptability
 Reduced risk
 Significant reduction in operating costs long term

So…if you would like to see your organisation, or a particular service, performing significantly more efficiently, and more effectively ; or you would simply value a friendly mirror held up to you – give us a call.

If, having read all of this, you still feel that you are performing the fundamentals pretty well and your performance could not possibly be improved, or you are confident that you have it all covered in upcoming change projects, then please do continue to keep your head in the sand. We know the truth though, and we hope that someone pokes your bum with a pointy stick.

How much would you be willing to bet that you are right and we are wrong? we’ll take that bet!!