The fundamental requirements of a high performing public sector organisation

A high functioning organisation…

Is well prepared for disasters and incidents

Adheres to statutory legislation, regulation, guidance, and values; and fulfils respective national quality and performance standards and requirements

Remains abreast of relevant research and theory, and implements best practice from this

Defines its own quality and performance standards, and ensures that these are maintained

Develops the culture it desires, and lives by the values it chooses to adopt

Effectively manages all documents and literature

Respects the value of information, and manages this efficiently and effectively across all areas

Ensures that employees at all levels have the knowledge required to carry out their roles and responsibilities effectively

Knows who its stakeholder are, and manages relationships with them effectively

Collaborates effectively wherever necessary

Always uses appropriate language, and communicates efficiently and effectively

Manages meetings efficiently and effectively

Has cost efficient and effective operational processes

Ensures that the customer / user experience is as positive as it can be

Manages and maintains excellent levels of operational performance

Ensures its employees are performing optimally

Has an efficient and effective commissioning and contract management infrastructure

Plans well, and makes sure plans are being carried out as required

Develops and implements appropriate, clear and concise policies, and ensures that adherence to these is embedded into systems, processes and checks

Has cost effective IT Systems, which deliver significant benefits and added value

Solves problems effectively and with confidence

Has highly skilled and competent managers

Manages its assets and equipment effectively and efficiently

Showing respect for peers, subordinates, colleagues, and stakeholders

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