The power of 3 minutes…

As an experienced business analyst, I can quickly identify duplication, and other avoidable non value adding processes and behaviours.

For various reasons relating to poorly designed processes, human factors, and poor performance management;  it is not unusual to identify hours of avoidable work each week for public sector employees.

Consider saving 15 minutes per week, which is probably achievable by you without the need for an expert….

Now, multiply this by 45 weeks per year (taking holiday and sickness into account)…

Well done, that’s 675 minutes per year saved (11.25 hours).

Now – lets take into account your 5,000 colleagues, who are each doing the same thing.  This brings about savings of around 56,250 hours of savings.

Now, lets take a very conservative average hourly rate in the public sector of £12 per hour (reality is nearer to £16.80 + on costs) and multiply that by the number of hours of unnecessarily wasted time which has been saved…

Excellent, you have just avoided an unnecessary £6,750,000.00

Now – imagine your colleagues in NHS and local authority roles around the UK did this (this figure is well over 2 million in local government alone, but lets go with that number)…

Yep – £270m saved

Occasional incidents of duplication, occasional laziness in not saving a document in the right way, cutting a few corners in planning etc. are all pretty much acceptable – but know that all of these things create avoidable time waste.

3 minutes per day is nothing compared to reality, and those 3 minutes conservatively build up to well over £270m of AVOIDABLE WASTED TIME per year in the UK.

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