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…Supporting Transformation, Change, and Improvement in Service Sector Organisations

Optimising Your Systems and Processes

Process Mapping

Process Mapping and Analysis / Process Design or Re-Design
Looking in depth at the individual administrative functions within your business or organisation; then helping you to perform these functions more efficiently, and more effectively, and make optimum use of the systems and tools available.

Also, helping you design and implement the most efficient and effective systems, and processes, for any new businesses, departments, or projects.

Imagine – reducing the administrative burden and freeing up capacity to do the work which really adds value…

Find out about Business Process Improvement (BPI)

Benefits – Significant and sustainable cost savings. Better customer experience.

Requirements Management

Eliciting, Documenting, and Analysing High Level Business Requirements, and IT solution Requirements
We work closely with you with you to fully understand what your business and functional needs are, and consider how these can best be served by technology.

Documenting your needs (requirements) in a way which will help IT providers and developers to understand what functionality you will require from their available products or bespoke solution. This is supported by useful visuals such as use case diagrams, data models or simply rich pictures.

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Benefits – Thorough, Clear and Objective set of requirements to support procurement and change.

Significantly Improving the Customer Experience

Customer Journey Mapping and Customer Experience (CX) Audits

What are your customers experiences and interactions with your staff, your signage, your paperwork, your systems, or your website?

It’s no longer good enough to sit around and wait for a bad customer experience to happen, and then react.

We work with you and develop a list of common (and less common) customer scenarios (transactions, enquiries etc). We then capture and record (in a useful flowchart) the stages involved, and the experience felt or presumed when undertaking the chosen scenario activities.  Then, we provide you with a valuable and honest critique of the customer’s experience of your business or organisation, relating to each scenario – and we help you to implement improvements where necessary.

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Not convinced? – Take a look at this great infographic (What do customers hate most about bad customer service?)

Benefits – Happier customers, improved reputation, less waste.





Troubleshooting / Problem solving

Problems can have a number of causes, but identifying and fixing the root cause is often overlooked; and temporary fixes favoured as an immediate solution. Over the longer term, this common methodology costs significantly more time and money.

As an external agency, we are unaffected by your day to day demands and time pressures, or by internal culture, history, and habit. We can provide a valuable and objective investigation to understand the root cause of your problem or issue. We can then identify and, more importantly, implement a permanent solution.

Benefits – Issues and problems fixed permanently. Objective solutions. Minimal interruption to business operation.


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